He lives in Spir******ien **, 0580 Oslo, Norway, he is a guy that we totally DO NOT RECOMMEND to anyone to make business or to buy anything from him, below a few details of some of his faults.

Magne Abrahamsen lies, scam and will crash your agreement. Dont deal with him.

Magne Abrahamsem is a boy who don't accomplish his agreements
On Friday 30th September, me, Alejandro Martin, purchased to Magne a wheelset Tune (for Alejandro's Klein Mountain Bike) and an agreement was made:

The seller Magne Abrahamsem agreed to send his wheelset with UPS and insured for 1200 EUROS as explicitely requested by the buyer (Alejandro Martin).
The seller get the money from the buyer and agreed by Saturday 31th of October 2020 to leave the package to UPS, but he didn't

Magne said, he used Posten.no as he though that doing this, Alex would save import taxes and that Magne doing the shipping with national posten, he saved 600 euros for shipping cost.
He argued he did not paid UPS as too expensive, and said that with Posten it would be delivered max Friday 6th November.

These were his words, who knows if he was really done the shipping or not, or just sent some other thing, any way, Alejandro did not received the wheel, Alejandro is moving from house, as he will leave Barcelona, and did not received the wheels, as of Friday 6th November 2020 as agreed.

He said posten works withDHL, but once cheked, DHL has no info of the package.

Even if cost of UPS were 600 eur (that is not 600, just less than 100 euros indured), the seller was under obligation of sending and paid the UPS shipping as agreed.
if would have been done with UPS, then Alejandro were received perfect and fully insured, the 1200 euro mountain bike wheelset, an extremely rare and world lightest MTB set, from the nineties.

Magne did not, and Alejandro who knows if will receive some day the wheelsets or not, just cause Magne did not accomplished what he said that would accomplished, the agreement that was not made.

We keep this website alive for your records. Alejandro expects a full refund of the 1200 euros spent, and if someday Alejandro receives the wheels then Alejandro will get back the 1200 euros to Magne, meanwhile, this website gets live.

Do you think the behavior of Magne is adecuate ? do you think Alejandro's post (this website) may take effect, and do you think what we are asking to Magne is ok (to refund the money until Alejandro gets the product, as he didnt' ship with UPS as agreed) ? post your comments below (bottom below Magne details)

Details about Magne Abrahamsen:

Spi........, 0580 Oslo, Norway
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