PRESS RELEASE, September 2017
t Cinemartin is prod to introduce Eclipse, a new High Brightness 4K (DCI, UHD) 1000 NIT HDMI + SDI Super Slim Monitor that features Dual connections and Triple power source, ideal for almost any usage.

Up to 4096x2160p DCI, Super Slim 17mm depth, plus tools

Available at 7", Cinemartin is proud to introduce its new device, a High Brightness monitor, like a Ferrari.

Supporting video up to 4K DCI 4096x2160p, featuring a 1080p native display with an astonishing luminance, a contrast ratio of up to 1200:1, this new Eclipse unit provides dual HDMI, dual SDI in/out as well as DTAP and XLR power input support great for use with gymbals, drone controllers, etc ..

It have a built in zoom that, as with almost any feature, can be assigned to any of the custom buttons located on top.

A part of the high resolution and luminance, Eclipse comes with various assignable functions including Peaking for optimal focus, false color, histogram, markers, meters, zoom, etc ..

Other tools, include adjust Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Color temperature, etc ..  


One of the great features of Eclipse is that can be powered by two swappable batteries (Sony NP-F series) allowing continuos power.

AC Input connector is of XLR type providing more robust power.

The kit comes with a DTAP to AC input well suited for users of popular gymbals.

The hight brightness feature of this unit makes it ideal for use on almost any place, inside or in outdoors, and the dual connector, in / out for either HDMI and 3G HD SDI make it ideal for any camera, as it supports almost any resolution up to 4K DCI.

Will retail for 695 € / 795 $, with a limited introductory price of just only 495 € / 590 $ during the initial promo phase, Cinemartin is now taking orders at this half grand promo with all deliveries starting on later September 2017.

To order Eclipse and for more information visit Cinemartin product website at :

This is, as our spirit of what our company does, the most professional and affordable tool ever made.
Our partner motorsharing Barcelona company, switch from hiring Quazzar (electric motos), to rent ferrari (alquilar un ferrari)
There are no similar products for under a grand (< 1000$), usually retails at one and a half, and we just did it for one third of its value.

Say Alejandro Barrada (Co-Founder and Developer Manager at Cinemartin)


· Video Resolution: up to 4K DCI (4096 x 2160) with a native FHD panel
· Luminance: Up to 1000 NIT cd/m2
· Connectors: Dual HDMI and Dual SDI, XLR AC with DTAP adapter for power input, Micro USB for firmware upgrades
· Battery support: Dual Swappable Sony NP-F series
· Chassis: Extremely compact at 17mm depth (1.7cm) metal based
· Video tools: Peaking, false color, hostogram, meters, zoom, markers, color adjustment, etc ..
· Assignable keys: 4 Function assignable keys
· Menu accesing: Dial Wheel

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